charpate masala titauracharpate masala titaura
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Charpate Masala Titaura Titora


Charpate Masala Titaura.  Lapsi, Salt, Sugar, Chilly & Spices.

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  • Pura Charpate Masala titaura
    Pura Charpate Masala Titaura Titora
S. No Flavour Type Price
1 Aamla Titora Spicy 48
2 Aap Jhol Khatta 58
3 Amilo Piro Tukra Khatta & Spicy 48
4 Bechi Patta Salty & Sour 48
5 Bechi Paun Salty & Sour 58
6 Charpatte Masla Titora Spicy & Khatta 48
7 Chatpat Masala Spicy 48
8 Chini Candy Sweet & Sour 58
9 Chini Patta Sweet & Sour 48
10 Dallo Piro Spicy 48
11 Dry Lapsi Titora Khatta 48
12 Golo Piro Spicy 48
15 Guliyo Piro Patta Sweet & Spicy 48
16 Imli Guilyo Sweet & Sour 58
17 Imli Jhol Khatta & Spicy 48
18 Imli piro Spicy 48
19 Kagati Bechi Salty & Sour 58
20 Kagati Chatpat Spicy & Sour 58
21 Kagati Jhol Khatta & Spicy 48
22 Kagati Titora Spicy 48
23 Khattu Sour- Khatta 58
24 Lamo Candy Khata Mittha 58
25 Lamo Chatpat Paun Khata Mittha 58
26 Lapsi Candy Piro Spicy 48
27 Lapsi Candy Titaura Sweet & Sour 48
28 Lapsi Dallo Candy Sweet & Sour 58
29 Lapsi Dallo Masala Spicy 58
30 Lapsi Dallo Piro Spicy 58
31 Lapsi Piro Spicy 48
32 Lapsi Spicy Balls Spicy 48
33 Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Spicy 58
34 Masala Imli Piro Spicy 58
35 Nunilo Kagati Salty & Sour 48
36 Orange candy Sweet & Sour 48
37 Piro patta Spicy 48
38 Pura Charpate Masala Spicy & Sour 58
39 Semi Lapsi Dallo Candy Sweet & Sour 58
40 Special Lapsy Candy Sweet & Sour 58
41 Sweet Candy Pulp Khatta Mittha 48
42 Sweet Delight Sweet 48
43 Tukra Chatpat Spicy 48
44 Tukra Piro Spicy 58
45 churpi Cheese 450

Charpate Masala Titaura Titora

Charpate Masala Titaura, Hygienically Packed, Square in Shape.

• Lapsi, • Salt, • Sugar, • Chilly & Spices

charpate masala titaura

Lapsi is found in Darjeeling in the hills and they bloom in spring which is around March /April. Lapsi grows in a tree and it has green cover with flesh and a single seed stone inside when it is ripe.  Lapsi by itself tastes sour but when they make Titaura, they boil lapsi and take the sandstone out. The gluey flesh is mixed with ingredients like sugar, chilli, salt, other spices depending upon what type of Titaura need to be made. Then it is dried in the sun before packing in a plastic pouch to sell it.

  • Wash the natural fruits
  • Boil in Saltwater
  • Drain Water
  • Mash Boiled Fruit
  • Remove the seeds
  • Grind the pulp to homogenize
  • Dry for a week in bright sunny day
  • Cut it into small pieces
  • Titauras sheet are ready
  • Now add flavours to the suitability

There are many shops in Darjeeling for Tea, Churpi and Titora. The Titora from Lelow Online is sold everywhere in India form corner shop to supermarkets. These days you also find Titora made from mango, tamarind, dates, lemon, gooseberry and lime.

For the last few years, we have been lucky to get Titora in entire  India and abroad as well. It does not cost much and is worth the price for the treat sometimes. I love the sweet ones a lot. Not a big fan of salty and hot ones.

If you ever get a chance, do try it out. You may like it.

Try other flavours.





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