Aap Jhol Titaura #1 Hot Sweet Mango Candy Titora (Pack of 3)


Aap Jhol Titaura Hot Sweet Mango Candy Titora Titawra Paun Spicy piro titaura amilo titora

Pack of 3

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Aap Jhol Titaura Hot Sweet Mango Candy Titora. Aap Jhol Titaura is made from Mango mixed with salt, sugar chili, and spices. Titaura is a highly popular food in Nepal as a snack, usually made with fruits. It is a favorite among teens and adults.

Aap Jhol Titaura

Aap Jhol Titaura is made from Mango mixed with salt, sugar chili, and spices.

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Every item has its own designated season, whether it’s ice cream or woolen clothes. Seasons have a way of influencing the assortment of flavors available. However, there is an exception for the mouth-watering, tangy, sweet, and sour food known as ‘paun’ or ‘titaura’.

Aap Jhol Titaura

With its unique combination of sweetness and acidity, titaura holds a special place in people’s hearts, prompting them to travel great distances to satisfy their cravings. Puja Thapa is one such enthusiast who embarks on a journey from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur upon hearing that she can indulge in some of the finest titauras available there.

“As summer approaches, my desire for titaura intensifies. I have eagerly awaited the season to explore new flavors this time,” Thapa shares.

But why titaura? When people are asked why they love eating titaura, most often their response is simply “for the taste.” However, titaura also offers certain benefits to the human body. Some titauras contain citric acid, which is advantageous for our well-being.

Among the various titaura options that we yearn for, such as Guliyo, lapsi, aap, and aamala, the most popular one is aap, according to Dinesh Hada, the owner of a paun shop in Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

When asked about the reason behind its widespread popularity among titaura enthusiasts, Hada explains, “Aap ko paun has been available in the market for many years, unlike other flavors that have comparatively shorter histories. I believe that’s why people love it the most.” He further adds, “There are people who travel specifically to his shop just to buy the mango-flavored titaura.”

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Amilo Piro Titaura

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shankatar jhol titaura

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Special Jhol titora

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S. No Flavour Type Price
1 Aamla Titora Spicy 48
2 Aap Jhol Khatta 58
3 Amilo Piro Tukra Khatta & Spicy 48
4 Bechi Patta Salty & Sour 48
5 Bechi Paun Salty & Sour 58
6 Charpatte Masla Titora Spicy & Khatta 48
7 Chatpat Masala Spicy 48
8 Chini Candy Sweet & Sour 58
9 Chini Patta Sweet & Sour 48
10 Dallo Piro Spicy 48
11 Dry Lapsi Titora Khatta 48
12 Golo Piro Spicy 48
15 Guliyo Piro Patta Sweet & Spicy 48
16 Imli Guilyo Sweet & Sour 58
17 Imli Jhol Khatta & Spicy 48
18 Imli piro Spicy 48
19 Kagati Bechi Salty & Sour 58
20 Kagati Chatpat Spicy & Sour 58
21 Kagati Jhol Khatta & Spicy 48
22 Kagati Titora Spicy 48
23 Khattu Sour- Khatta 58
24 Lamo Candy Khata Mittha 58
25 Lamo Chatpat Paun Khata Mittha 58
26 Lapsi Candy Piro Spicy 48
27 Lapsi Candy Titaura Sweet & Sour 48
28 Lapsi Dallo Candy Sweet & Sour 58
29 Lapsi Dallo Masala Spicy 58
30 Lapsi Dallo Piro Spicy 58
31 Lapsi Piro Spicy 48
32 Lapsi Spicy Balls Spicy 48
33 Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Spicy 58
34 Masala Imli Piro Spicy 58
35 Nunilo Kagati Salty & Sour 48
36 Orange candy Sweet & Sour 48
37 Piro patta Spicy 48
38 Pura Charpate Masala Spicy & Sour 58
39 Semi Lapsi Dallo Candy Sweet & Sour 58
40 Special Lapsy Candy Sweet & Sour 58
41 Sweet Candy Pulp Khatta Mittha 48
42 Sweet Delight Sweet 48
43 Tukra Chatpat Spicy 48
44 Tukra Piro Spicy 58
45 churpi Cheese 450


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