Omega 81054 Shaving Brush. Excellent Boar Brush!


Omega 81054 Shaving Brush Excellent Boar Brush

  • Pure Bristle Brush.
  • Boar Brush.
  • Comes With Dripping Stand

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Omega 81054 Excellent Boar Brush

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Omega 81054 Pure bristle shaving brush | Best Deal at Low

The Omega 81054 pure bristle shaving brush is one of the ‘classic duo’ ranges of Omega brushes. It features an eye-catching ‘duo’ vase-shaped handle combining a traditional off-white/ivory and crystal-clear faux resin in a round profile.

Omega 81054 Brush

The circular design makes for a snug fit and also holds the high-performance Omega 100% hog bristle with badger effect loft. It is a great performer and a larger-sized brush that is highly adaptable. This brush also comes with its own black plastic stand. A timeless design in a great color combination and unbelievable value for money! Made in Italy.

How to use Shaving Brush

Omega 81054 Brush bristles should be wet (not soaking) before use. Load the loft with soap or cream and apply to the areas to be shaved, using a strong circular motion. This softens the hairs and also raises them ready for shaving.

After Care of Omega 81054 Shaving Brush

We strongly recommend the following aftercare for your brush; When finished always rinse the brush under hot water (especially at the base of the bristles) to remove any remaining soap residue which can result in damage to the bristle and cause early shedding of the loft. The brush should then be stored loft facing down to dry.

This can be achieved by using a shaving brush stand and preventing the bristles from rotting at the base due to moisture.

Omega 81054 Brush Recommended for

Both shaving creams and shaving soaps and all skin types.

Grooming tip

Always store your shaving brush with the loft/bristles pointing down, to allow excess moisture to drain away naturally. This prevents damage caused by damp and helps to extend the life of your brush.

Dimension of Omega 81054 Brush

Overall Height 110mm
Loft Height 54mm
Base (HANDLE) Height 56mm
Loft Width 41mm
Knot Diameter 25mm

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Is Omega 81054 a Badger Brush?

NO. It is a Badger effect Brush. It is a Hog Bristle Brush.

Omega 81054 Shaving Brush EAN: 8001673810547


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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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